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Carla is the founder of CDA Training & Development. By offering Mental Health Training courses to companies, educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations - her goal is to increase the number of people that understand what mental health problems/concerns are so that fewer people are ashamed, guilty and that more people can get help before the concerns become more serious. Early intervention leads to a better outcome!

The high cost of misery in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side

Very interesting article in January 6th, 2016 Vancouver.  It highlights the cost of Mental Illness in our society.



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Millennial workers expect more mental health support

Amazing article written by Eric Windeler, founder and executive director of Jack.org

Eric lost his son to suicide in 2010.


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Mental Health Buildings at Riverview

This is exciting news about the site of the Riverview Hospital.  There will be a new mental health facility and much more…

To learn more, please read the following article



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Mental Health Innovative ideas Brought to Vancouver

About 350 mental health and disability experts from around the world were in Vancouver for a conference. Great article!!!
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Mental Health First Aid International Summit in Vancouver

The Mental Health First Aid course is a program of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. This course was developed in Australia and adapted to Canadian content. In this article, read more about Betty Kitchener, the creator of this program. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/mental-health-first-aid-kit-for-non-professionals-1.3230777
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The silent killer: Depression and Mental Health Problems in the workplace

Statistics tells us that many people may suffer from depression and/ or anxiety. Unfortunately, very few will talk about their experience. This article tells the story of the struggles a person may encounter in the workplace.
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Edmonton police launch mental health training program

Studies showed decreases in police use of physical force and use of force by weapons, and increases in mental health awareness and self-reported officer confidence when dealing with mental health calls.
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Vancouver TEDx speaker invites us to remove the stigma from depression

An inspiring call to remove the stigma from depression and suicide.
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