Building a Safe Environment

Retail employees have to face clients with different behaviours that they may find challenging.

This course will show employees what to do and how to interact with people who are behaving in a way that impacts the people around them – including bystanders – while staying safe.

Develop tools and strategies to assist the person struggling while ensuring the safety of everyone around

Participants will gain an improved understanding of mental health concerns and the impact it may have on people’s behaviour – leading to increased confidence when dealing with challenging behaviour.

Mental Health First Aid VancouverWhat you will learn:

  • What are mental health concerns? Increase literacy and compassion and decrease stigma
  • Substance related disorders – learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of substance use
  • Mood disorders – learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of depression and bipolar
  • Anxiety disorders – learn about some of the types of anxiety disorders, the signs and symptoms
  • Dealing with challenging situations – strategies to help deal with anxiety, anger and agitation, confusion and sadness

This is an interactive course. Participants will work together to develop strategies that are appropriate to their specific field and applicable to their work environment.

Who this is for

  • Retail employees that deal with the public on regular basis and may encounter behaviours that may be challenging or disturbing
  • Retail store managers that want to empower themselves and their employees in responding to challenging behaviours.

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