Mental Health Courses

Mental Health First Aid

This program is designed to increase literacy and decrease stigma associated with mental health problems. Participants will learn to identify and help someone developing a mental health problem or is in a mental health crisis.

This program is like a physical first aid program – except with a focus on MENTAL health.

Have your employees ever had to deal with a mental health challenge – and did not know what to do?

This course is a must have for all people who work with the public and anyone interested in learning about mental health and mental health problems.

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Building a Safe Environment

Retail employees have to face clients with different behaviours that they may find challenging.

This course will show employees what to do and how to interact with people who are behaving in a way that impacts the people around them – including bystanders – while staying safe.

Develop tools and strategies to assist the person struggling while ensuring the safety of everyone around.

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Mental Health Awareness

Enable your employees to help themselves and others.

People are afraid of what they do not know. This short introductory course will provide information that helps employees identify the signs and symptoms in their co-workers, employees, friends and family. It will also provide suggestions of how to help the struggling person.

Note: CDA Training & Development will develop and deliver special courses to meet your specific requirements. See our case studies page to see how we’ve adapted programs for our clients.

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Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Enable your managers to identify and work with mental health issues in their staff

Mental health issues can affect workplace performance, absenteeism and productivity. If managers are apprehensive about approaching an employee with a mental health concern, this can lead to problems within the team – including decreased morale and lack of cooperation.

This program is specifically designed to help managers become more sensitive to employee behavioural changes that may stem from mental health issues so that they can take appropriate actions. They will learn a framework for approaching employees to offer help before the situation becomes more serious.

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