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Mental health issues can affect workplace performance, absenteeism and productivity. With mental health first aid training, your managers and employees will be able to confidently respond to challenges that arise due to mental health concerns. This leads to a better work environment with improved productivity and reductions in absenteeism and disability claims – resulting in a positive impact on your bottom line.
Our classes use case study examples and discussion. We customize our courses to suit YOUR specific workplace. Contact me and we can discuss your specific needs.
Absolutely! Contact me and we can discuss the details and make arrangements.
It depends on the course. Maximum is between 18-24, minimum for all courses is 8.
Yes! Our program Building a Safe Environment is specifically designed to teach retail employees the skills they need to handle customers who have challenging behaviours due to to mental health concerns.
Mental health concerns affect 1 in 3 Canadians in their lifetime and 1 in 5 in a year.

Mental health claims are the fastest growing category of disability costs in Canada. They account for an estimated 30 to 40 percent of the disability claims recorded by Canada’s major insurers and employers.