Mental Health Awareness

(available in 3 or 6 hour version)

Enable your employees to help themselves and others

People are afraid of what they do not know. This short introductory course will provide information that helps employees identify the signs and symptoms in their co-workers, employees, friends and family. It will also provide suggestions of how to help the struggling person.

Note: CDA Training & Development will develop and deliver special courses to meet your specific requirements. See our case studies page to see how we’ve adapted programs for our clients.

What participants will learn

What are mental health concerns?

Increase literacy and compassion and decrease stigma

Classroom-teaching-2-FSubstance related disorders  Learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of substance use and how to help

Mood disorders     

Learn about signs and symptoms of depression and bipolar and how to help

Anxiety disorders   

Learn about some of the types of anxiety disorders, the signs and symptoms and how to help


Learn the importance of self-care in regards to looking after their own mental health.

The 6 hour option also includes the following

How to assist someone who may be suicidal

Learn how to preserve a person’s life


Learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of psychosis and how to help

Anxiety disorders

Learn about some of the types of anxiety disorders, the signs and symptoms and how to help

 Who this is for

  • Companies that have had an incident where an employee had a mental health concern and they did not know how to deal with it.
  • Companies that would like to educate their managers (or all employees) before an incident occurs.
  • Companies who want to increase their managers’ knowledge about mental health to better serve their employees/ co-workers.  It may also be offered to all employees if budget is available
  • Employees who want to develop strategies and tools to assist individuals struggling with mental health concerns.
  • Companies may offer this course as part of personal development activities.  Or team building.. as they would be increasing their knowledge to help each other.

Content can be customized to meet the needs of your company.

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